Dwuneth Game Rules

You are expected to follow these rules. You are also expected to check back on these fairly frequently as these rules may change without notice. Staff will not accept ignorance as an excuse if you break one of these rules.
  1. You may only have one account. Having more than one account will have them placed into the federal dungeon. If you share devices with another player, contact staff to let them know.

  2. You may not send items/cash/etc to any users who share the same IP Address as you. If you are playing from the same location, it is very likely all parties involved are playing from the same IP Address.

  3. Dwuneth.com is not responsible for what happens to your account. Your password should be secure, unused by another service, and not saved to your computer.

  4. Dwuneth.com is rated PG-13. Do not swear excessively. F-Bombs, Sexual Postings/images, etc. are not allowed anywhere on the game. You will be placed in the federal dungeon for protection of the other players.

  5. Dwuneth.com does not tolerate discrimination against other players. You will be removed from the game if you make derogatory states to other players based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

  6. Dwuneth.com may not be played without human interaction. Auto-refreshers, bots, or any other program that allows you to play automatically are not allowed. You will be placed in the federal dungeon if you are found to be using any of these.

  7. We do not appreciate advertising other games on Dwuneth. This includes other online games, console games, etc. You will be placed into the federal dungeon if you advertise.